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Bastanis Prometheus for sale

I have a pair of Prometheus MKIIs with cabinets for sale. Baffles and cabinets are multi-ply birch and unfinished. System comes with standard Beyma tweeter but 2 of the newer Titan amps. The system is designed like the new Air Force design with the plate amps mounted in the sub boxes and designed to sit on the bottom plate of the baffle. Cabinets are well built and the system is only a couple months old. They have somewhere between 150 and 300 hours on them. These speakers sound great and mate well with low powered amps.

I can email pics for serious inquiries.

Price: $2500 + shipping (4 boxes)

Jim D.


2003-04-09 12:04 am
Bastanis info


I live in europe, so I don't think that buying the bastanis speakers from you will be a very wise idea.,..,.,.,.,

However, I would really appreciate it if you could write me a private email and let me know your opinion on the bastanis speakers, giving me a short description of what they do and what other speakers they can be compared to so I can decide wether they are the right speakers for me,..,.
(I was just about to place an order, but I am not too sure about it yet)

Many thanks in advance,

Best regards,

Borja L
(London, UK)