Bass randomly cut out in my car? wont come back on

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so the other day i was driving my car (99 GT) listening to music, and the bass randomly cuts out. so when i get to my destination, i slide out my head unit, unplug the cluster and the rca cables, plug them back in, and the bass is fine again. then the next day, it cuts out again, except this time when i try to do the same steps, the bass doesnt come back. i checked all of my fuses and they all fine, and my mach 460 amps still heat up when the car radio is on. the stereo system is bone stock mach 460 with the exception of an aftermarket head unit. i had a Pioneer deh-1200mp and someone told me the rca output went bad in it, so i bought a new one (pioneer deh-x3500ui), but the problem still persist except this time, i can only hear the sound in the front of the car. ive asked around and what most people think is that it could be dead amps, but i didnt think that was it because the bass went out and then came back, could it be this? im lost in the dark here, so any suggestions or advice will be extremely helpful. thanks - Dan
It could be several things. If you have a DMM check the drivers first, if you can I'd take it to a shop and have it checked. Factory systems never integrate perfectly with aftermarket gear even if you use the fancy harnesses

I worked in car audio for several years without knowing your skill level and how things were installed it really isn't a good to give to much advice. I've seen people catch their cars on fire from improper wiring (dead short, etc) and blame installers that gave them advice
This forum is more geared to box building, pro and home audio amps. Aka 120 V AC stuff.

Diyma is more focused on 12v stuff. There's also classifieds to buy used gear if say your amp blew or your drivers smoked.

Also, you're referring to a problem with an OEM system, not aftermarket. So your best bet may be to go on a mustang specific forum and see if anyone else had the same problem.
Crutchfield's info shows your head unit does not have subwoofer preamp outputs. Therefore I presume the bass in the Mach 460 is a composite from the 4 channels. So if the bass is cutting out, maybe there is a problem with the sub amp. Or, the sub itself, or the connection between the two.

Pre-out problems can always be checked by swapping the RCAs around, except maybe your harness is hard-wired. Do you know the model #/part # of your adaptor harness?

Do you still have the original radio? If you can replace it back, that might give useful information.

Loose connections could make the bass go, come back, and go again. For example, the connections breaks, then makes, then breaks again. OR the amp is going into protection, then was OK, now in protection again (because a speaker wire shorted, or a ground came loose, or whatever).

I agree you'd probably get more & better comments on a car audio or Mustang forum.

Actually, I just Googled "99 mustang bass cuts out" and there are some interesting hits. Try that!
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