Bass loading for Alcone AC8HE

Hi All,
I have a pair of Alcone AC8HE woofers and I'd like to use them in my next project. Only question is about bass loading because they appear to be good performers wherever I put them to. They will play in relative small room at moderate levels.
SQ is most important.
Should I use them in closed or vented enclosure (or any other)?

Datasheet is attached.

Every suggestion is welcome.


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You can use it easily in a 2-way by sticking your head in the sand.

See the discussion on distortion issues of metal cones here.


Seas L18 : note the twin peaks in all distortions due to driver response

The discussion concentrates on F3, it can be seen to be OK below 2KHz.
If you start worrying about F5 do not use metal cones in a 2-way.
Now drop the cone break up an octave as in this case.
Note that the c/o has no effect on the distortion produced by fundamentals.

The drivers also work fine in 30 to 40L sealed.

I know about it (anyway, each driver is different), but I bought these drivers few years ago, if I buy drivers now, I'd buy paper or PP coned woofers (CA22RNY looks great for me). I just want to use them in some project and I'm not experienced enough to try to go 3-way. I'll try to get XO as low as possible as I use waveguide tweeter, maybe it will help.


No sand here around, may I stick my head to concrete wall? :D