Bass Kill/Hpass Xover for VCA DJ mixer

Mike Reezy

2005-09-02 12:03 am
I bought a gemini UMX3 mixer for an audio project , not knowing that it doesnt have any eq's. this is unnaceptable as I plan to use it for skratching (you know wikki wikki) and I have to be able to kill the bass so that you dont hear my hand thumping around on the vinyl.

So How do I go about making a highpass (is that what I need) crossover or bass kill switch for this miixer?

Its VCA (I dont know what it stands for) but I know it means that the audio doesnt actually travel through the fader.

Even a simple high pass stereo crossover circuit would be good, I could plug the turntable into that before plugging it into the mixer and elminate the lows that way. It would be even cooler if it had a switch to bypass the highpass crossover..

Ultimately I would like to have an EQ rotary for the bass level adjustment on the mixer or just a switch for complete bass kill...

Im looking for cheap and easy if that helps. Im hoping its something I can walk down to radioshack, get the parts and build fairly quickly.

Thanks for your guys's help (in advance)

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