Bass guitar headphone only amp

I recently bought a passive bass guitar, and would like to make an amp. I dont have enough money to buy an amp that I could plug my bass into, so I want to make a circuit where I can plug my bass into, and have it output to my headphones. My headphones are Grado SR-60's. What I was thinking for this circuit, was to have the input going into a buffer, then going into a bandpass filter, then at the end have a gain stage. I will be using op-amps for this, LM358's presumably. After the gain stage, I will have a basic LM386 amp design. And at the very end will be a plug for a headphone jack. Would distortion be an issue with this circuit? I could design this to be more complicated, but this seems logical to me. I figure I can get help here from people who know a lot more then me at EE. I have only finished my sophomore year of EE at UCSB.