Bargain turntable on eBay

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Don't know if anyone is interested, but this is a cool turnable.

I acquired one recently, tried to sell it for 75 on eBay, no takers.
I wouldn't sell it now for twice that.
Not the greatest cartridge, but it's direct drive, with a linear tracking arm. You can scan the record with the front controls and drop the stylus anywhere you like.
This makes the arm function just like a pickup on a CD player except it doesn't locate tracks, of course.

Adjustable speed as well.

This is the first linear tracker I've had, and it is sweet! The absence of tracking error makes a remarkable difference in sound quality.

I'll be watching this one. Maybe I'll pick up a spare!!


i know them, they are smooth. They have been much in use in German record stores as customers could checkout records without scratching them. And they sound remarkable, all technical efforts considered.

my tonearm designs too are linear trackers, i know why :)
Wie gehts, Bernhard?

That's very interesting about the record stores.

That's true, there's very little chance of scratching records as one never has to touch the tonearm.

Do you remember the RABCO tonearm?

Do you have a website? I am curious about your tonearms.

The Marantz is the only table I've ever seen that uses a microprocessor to control the tonearm.

Gotta love vinyl!!

Auf wiedersehn!
just hit the www button on bottom of my posts and you are on my website.

Big tonearm is displayed there.

Small tonearm not yet but it complies with practically all specs of the big one. No air bearing however. At the moment i have reasons not to publish pixes of the small one..

I love vinyl, too, but i love shellac/78rpm even more; one reason why i build linear trackers.

Of course i know the Rabco.
David Shreve did pioneering work on it and informed me what he came up with. He encouraged me also to experiment with tonearm wands made from flat wood.

Should i get my hands on a Rabco SL8 one day, i will try to buy it and then perform David's mods, just to find out what the thingie is capable of. Same with the Dennesen ABLT.
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I just can't get very excited about direct drives... when i worked hifi we never ran into one that wouldn't get clobbered by a good belt drive for a 1/5th the price.

A good linear arm i would be very interested to try... i have been following Dice's work for sometime, and maybe by the time he is ready to sell some, i'll be able to afford one... have to build a TT to go along with.

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