Balanced Zen Linestage or Holtons Ver


2001-12-31 1:35 am
Just wondering if anyone has built either, or preferebly both, i'm going to be building a linestage for a pair of recently completed Leach amps and have narrowed it down to these two. Also anyone have a good source for the 10uf capacitors used...also what type is best...cheapest i found was digikey for about 5 dollars a pop, not ridiculous but a little expensive... any thoughts welcome



Anthony Holtons SE Preamp:

The bal zen is at

Sorry, Mr Pass. :(

In fact, my "mysterious X" did not refer to the supersymetry topology, but to my misunderstanding of this resistance role in the working principle of the differential pair...

I've simulated and built the Balanced Line Stage preamp, and I'm more than happy with it :) (what a sound !!!), but I must admit I'm a complete newbie from the design point of view.

I still can not figure out what is the relationship between the gain and this resistance (that's the meaning of the "X")... I've browsed all the threads on these forums, but perhaps I missed something...

Can someone lend me a helping hand ?

Thanks in advance,