Baffled. ML King's 4560 - Whither and wherefore?

I ponder the baffle step.

Google googles up many articles that say the f3 point of the baffle step is around 4560/Wb, where Wb is the width of the baffle in inches. It appears there is but one original source for the magic 4560, an article by our own beloved Martin L. King.* One presumes he didn't just pull that number out of his vented enclosure. But there is no rationale given.

4560 is 0.34 times the speed of sound in inches per second. I do not know of any profundities associated with the number 0.34.

Where does that 4560 come from, and why?

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Get the L outa here. I need a J.

LOL - But seriously, Martin's paper on bsc is quite informing. It's starting to gel up for me and that's bound to make this speaker building habit more rewarding. These forums are a lot deeper than they look initially. Reading some of Nelson Pass's articles has the same epiphany effect as Martin's paper above. Like school, only better!