bad Crescendo Symphony 6 channel amp and Hassle with the return


2019-12-19 8:35 pm
I purchased the Crescendo Symphony 6 channel 1200 watt amp.

It hissed in 1 channel, the clipping detection lights on the amp didn’t work, the bass knob got power but didn’t seem to do anything, it had selectable channels that didn’t seem to function, and I just wasn’t impressed by the sound quality.

I promptly returned it and was finally refunded for my crescendo amp after like 6 phone calls and like 5 emails going back and forth.

$356.72 was refunded for an amp i paid $500 for. I also already paid like $20 to ship it. I almost took a $200 loss for a defective amp. They sent me a video showing a tech inserting wires into each channel so each played music, the rest of my issues were ignored like the nonfunctional clipping lights.

i was just happy to have it all behind me. They were treating me like such a burden and they made the whole return process as difficult as possible.

I don’t recommend them. I feel like a total sucka