Back to the roots

Back to the roots

I started with audio electronics over 50 years ago. Now I have rediscovered my old hobby for retirement. I have worked in audio all my life as a sound engineer and production admin. Now I've got the soldering station out again. And it's a hell of a lot of fun. Most importantly, almost everything in components is available. Very different from 50 years ago behind the "iron curtain".
Am looking forward to many exciting projects.

P.S. "Bandit" refers to my motorcycle model
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Welcome to diyAudio.

What are you building?

Thank you,

I started with a kit. It was clear before the purchase that there is much to improve. In the meantime, I have first built 3 laboratory power supplies. Then continued with the kit. Now it's summer ;-)
After the summer it goes on with the kit (installation in a box) and with the modification of old active studio speakers.