Ba3 for F6


2019-10-27 11:02 pm
Just finished the F6 and though I have an updated McCormack pre amp to use temporarily I'm eying making a pre-amp. Am I right that the BA3 seems to be a great match for the F6 and that it puts out enough signal to adequately drive it ?

If so, is there an updated BOM somewhere here that can be a starting point for me ?

I'd want to build the active version.

thank u !
Here is the circuit (modified to stop oscillation) and BOM.
First task is sourcing the JFets and Mosfets. Genuine sellers still available if you search around on here.

BA3 works very well with my F6 (I could say perfect match)


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2019-10-27 11:02 pm
ba3 BOM

Thanks ! And to clarify, the parts list is for ONE channel only, so double all part quantities?

Also did you end up preferring the revised JFETS set up and their required matching parts ?

I assume I still have to build a PSU like the on used in the F6 or a smaller/simpler one ?