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BA-3 Front End, Complimentary output stage, Transformers

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I have had these sitting in a drawer for a while. I had the front end functional as a preamp. I scavenged the 10uf caps and the JFETs for another project. I populated the complementary output stage with the intent of building the amp but never got around to it. Now I have other projects that I want to complete.

The transformers are 250va 24v Triad units. They are pretty nice compared to the typical Anteks that I have used. New they are around $110 a piece. My intention was to do a dual mono setup which they would be perfect for. Expect along the lines of 30v-32v rails which should get you around 40-50 watts. 5u case would be nice.

So this includes
-BA-3 Front end mostly populated
-2x BA complimentary output stage populated outside of Mosfets (rhthatcher is a good source for those)
-BA complimentary bias boards populated
-2x Triad 24vac ~10.5 amp transformers

The whole lot is $175 plus shipping.


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No interest yet? What if I sweeten the deal with a dual mono CRC cap board and rectifier snubber boards?

The cap board takes 52 mm screw terminal caps which look pretty sweet when installed.


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Thanks. This stuff is just sitting around and I already have a few of the push pull dynamic types of amps at the moment.

I saw the BA-1 kit. I am not too knowledgeable on the IRFP040 mosfets but I do think the single ended output board could be interesting. It would be cool if someone had an Aleph amp and the BA-3 single-ended to compare.