b500 bass


2018-02-16 4:37 pm

i build a 2 channel b500 from apexaudio but i get small problem. for input i use apexaudio another amplifier input schematic. but there is one thing i see i am losing bass signals in the amplifier or in the input board.

there is schematics. for input it start with 10k resistor and then 100pf capasitor. this can be work like a high filter and cuting my bass signals? and another thing i want to learn. that 2 10k resistors at the -in and + in, if i change them to 1k is it effect to my signal tone? i just want get more volume from amp.

and if some one make b500 amp do i really need a input buffer like that cause b500 have limiter on it. and signal will be coming from mixer. i feeling that input schematic cutting too much signal.

sory for bad english and thank you for al answers.


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