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For Sale B1K nutube

Things you have for sale.
Selling b1k nutube with butique components, to fund my new b1k nutube project, as few wrote to me when it's happening 😁 (check post HERE ) It has nichicon uhw 2200uf 50v caps, prp resistors, dale power resistors, silver film coupling caps... Price would be 150 euro + shipping. SOLD

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Ok I know that the normal value of that cap next to 'L IN' is 10uf, at least in the Pass build. You have an axial lead cap there, but I can't tell anything from the photo. I would like to know what it is, and why. It appears to have a brown top and silver body, but that is all that I can see.
It is silver film capacitor. Brown (orange irl) is epoxy capped. It is well tested and calculated value as you can read within b1k nutube topic. There is no need for 10uf caps. Input caps are 1uf, output caps are 4.7uf. Ones in the middle are 2.2uf. Silver mkp.
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