B&O Beomaster 2200 40W power amp modules

I recently remembered I had pulled the two power amp modules from a B&O Beomaster 2200 which was mainly all smashed up years ago.

They run on +/- 30V and are rated 40WPC.

I suppose the caps will need changing. They have been serviced at some point I think because some of the BJTs are not original. Otherwise do you think it's worth building a supply for these ?

Are they likely to sound any good ?



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2005-12-08 12:57 pm
If it's worth it, depends on if you need an extra amp, and if you already have the parts available. If you have to buy all necessary parts new, then I would not bother.
You can buy a used "fully functioning" Beomaster 2200 for between 50 and 75 Euro. If you have to buy transformer+bridge+caps+case for this project, it will cost much more.

So it's a matter of what you need/want. Maybe save the heatsinks and built a good chip-amp instead. If you like building amps. Otherwise buy a used amp.