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B&K AV 6000 - 6 channel amplifier - Perfect for triamping - Trades?

$440 shipped in Canada
$465 shipped to USA
elsewhere please ask

First, there is a bit of confusion for me about which version it is. It does not say v.2, however the back panel does match up with the v.2 info that I could find. The links below are what made me believe that it is a v.2 rather than v.1, however I am still not sure.

The difference is 105w/channel or 125w/channel.

http://www.bkcomp.com/fileadmin/content/content_products/manuals/Past/Amp/AV6000SIImanual.pdf - v.2 manual
B&K AV6000 For Sale | AudiogoN pics of v.1 showing different back.
FS: B&K AV6000 6 Channel Amp - Home Theater Forum Community another v.1

I personally used it for triamping my front speakers with an active crossover. It sounds great.
It works perfectly I have just changed my setup and there is no good reason to keep this beauty under the bed.

Here's some info on it's intended use.
Made for driving the front left, right and center channels, two discrete rear channels and a sub-woofer, you need only one amplifier for your home theater system. It can be used in a variety of configurations and applications

I have excellent feedback on both ebay (snokerooney) and canuckaudiomart (kcross)
Thanks for looking!

As far as trades (or part trades) go
-USB dac of good quality
-High end tweeters