B-D Pipes Plans

BD Pipes

A few pieces of advice from a guy who has built 6 or so pairs:

baltic birch plywood
Fostex driver break-in ( 200-300 hours)
Planet10 phaseplugs on the front drivers
series wire for 16 ohms
parafeed SET

With careful room matching/placement these are quite tuneful. I found the filter unnecessary myself, and with the right driver (Dave's Foster FE103Alnico), no tweeter required
TerryO said:
Have you (or anyone else) used a pair of 1197 "Purple Box" drivers for the rear? I guess I'm wondering if they would be useful paired with 1197 "Blue Box" front drivers.

Chris and i have used all the flavours... gold & black box, blue box, purple box (both Canadian & US varieties). Lower Fs drivers tend to load the pipe better (it is quite long), so this tends to favour blue box or gold box, but i have found that box colour only tells you what Fs is most likely to expect. I've purple box that have measured 80, and many of my blue box measure 105 (and one that measured 140).

Next, i'm going to try a quad of 40-1022s (+ tweeter).