B&C 18TBX46

Hello all. I've purchased some Cerwin Vega folded horn cabinets. I now have 6 of them. I've had a buddy of mine who had 2 of the Cerwin Vega Vision dual 18's (discontinued) Upon inspection of these cabinets we discovered that they were housing the B&C 18TBX46-8 woofers in them. We were really impressed by these speakers. I've been looking to purchase some for myself and they are about impossible to find these days. I was able to score one of them. I wanted to know if anyone here would know if these would work out well in the folded horn cabinets? I would really like to be able to push more power then what the standard vega speakers could handle which never seemed to be too much. It was always an idea to try these B&C woofers out instead. I've also found that the woofers B&C replaced these discontinued woofers with are the 18TBX100. I would like to eventually load all these folded horn cabs with these if it's a good thing.

Also open to other suggestions of speakers in a decent price range to load these up with as well.

Thanks for reading!

Cheers, Randy
You didn't mention which CV folded horn cabinets you were talking about, but I agree with Art - the 18TBX100 should work fine. It's an excellent value-for-money driver and I see them used in many builds here. Here's a sim of a stack of four of the EL36 cabs loaded with 18TBX100 drivers.