B&W LM1 as L&R, which center ?

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B&W LM1 as L&R, which center ?

Hi all.

I am curently setting up a HT system and have a few questions regarding the center speaker.

For the moment my setup is made of an Onkyo TX-SR505 HT amp, and 2x B&W LM-1 as main speakers (love them for music :D ).

Do I need something sounding like the LMs or can a build an array of small speakers (space limitations) to fit underneath the LCD screen ?

And why are most of the centers on the market MTM types if the lobe is vertical ?

Since your mains in HT play music and sound effects and your center channel plays voice (all for the most part), it isn't absolutely necessary that they be the same, but you will probably want something that plays as well as your mains (or nearly so), i.e., has a good clean sound.

If there are space and architectural considerations then by all means go for the small array design for your cc; here is one idea:


The reason most cc speakers are MTM is primarily cosmetic - a TM cc looks like an upright speaker that has fallen over, and looks asymmetrical. An MTM in this case is easier to "center," and also probably has higher SPL capability than a TM with the same woofer.
Tnx for the reply.

That's what I was thinking about, but still too "thick".

I fact the LCD is hung on the wall just above the marble stove, and it has a 3" clearance.

So, was thingking of an array of 2" speakers, or modding these : http://www.visaton.de/en/bauvorschlaege/computer/826/index.html , but in horizontal position with the tweeter moved upwards to reduce the vertical sound lobe and the vent on the front.
Nothing wrong with 2" wide rangers, other than very limited bass. You may not need a tweeter either. I'm not familiar with Visaton but have heard good things from time to time.

Some people go with two center channel speakers, one on either side of the TV. That may not be an option for you, but it does preserve the correct lobing, and the sound seems to come directly from the TV/characters, which adds realism.
I've seen it also, but the LMs are mounted on each side as well.
They are 4 foot parted away (I have a small room) at the same height as the screen.

And I found some interesting 2" speakers made by AURASOUND.
A bar with 4 of these a nice small tweeter might do the job.
These tiny spekers are those found in Logitech's and Creative's sets.

Just need to find a good X-over for keeping my 6-8 Ohms.

And maybe calculate the expected output (any geek in the area ?)
I'm not going to open the LCD screen......

But Im gonna make my own center speaker.

Is there any specific solution to keep the impedance ?

And how to calculate the power the total unit is able to handle ?
( as I see some kits like 80W, but made with 40W speakers)
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