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B 111 se upgrade lock problem.

Hi anyone please help,
having updated my dac from B 11 / Mercury to B 111 se / Mercury it sounds great on s/pdif but I have a lock problem when connecting to my streamer / teleporter for i2s, I get no lock until I touch the teleporter even the lightest touch on an insulated section of the circuit board causes the dac to lock and sound fine. I don't think this is a mechanical issue such as a dry joint as I barley have to touch the board and it was working fine with the B11. Befor the change to B111 there was an Otto between the teleporter and Dac

Many thanks


Shared album - Steve Preston - Google Photos

Shared album - Steve Preston - Google Photos
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Hi Brian,
Thanks for answering, I don't even need to touch the teleporter just hovering my finger 1mm from the back of the board causes a lock!


That's capacitance I think. You seem to have built a touch control device :)

Do you have a ground connection between the DAC and the Teleporter? I only see the three signal lines.