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2015-06-29 11:23 pm
Hi guys
I've got some azrua (LeCleach) 340 horns with Yamaha 6681b driver's that I'm building as an active setup. To split the signal I have a minidsp. I'm about to try the LeCleach cross over witch is a modified Butterworth with the mid horn out of phase . I have the spreadsheet which has given me the number's.... has anyone tried this approach? Or anything else with these horns that's worth a try.

Thanks Dave

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Hi Dave,

judging from feedback to be had here, we are the two exotics in the exotics part of the forum caring for compression drive...

@ your Q: i have bought J-322s from Marco Henry / Musique Concrete at the time when Marco and Jean-Marie were attending (JMLC regularly) the ETF.

I still have the horns but used them then with JMLC (600 or 650Hz) "split XO-freq" 18dB Butterworth as per his calculation or top of an 13" IB bass. The mid horns and the bass were replaced with White Whales on a corner horn and demo'ed in ETF a decade later with the same JMLC X/O but handover-freq down to 350 Hz (which obviously the J-322 would be hard-pressed to do).

I compared the JMLC crossover then and again later when switching to the EV horns with two or three other types before i was really convinced. My fear was that it being Butterworth 0,707-damping might not be good enough. But it outperformed a Bessel 24dB and Bessel 3rd order X/O (and a LR24) in the same Clair/Dolby/LabGruppen filter hardware when doing the EV setup.

Hence it's still used today...the JA-6681B's (actually 6603 with 6681 dome and DiY adaptor) soon to be replaced by home-rolled JA-801 comp's, i guess
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