Azur 640C V1 Remote Control and Transport Problem

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So I have this problem with my remote control: all buttons are working except for the Volume up and down buttons. Currently the output level is at max so at least the Volume down button is not working.
I opened the remote. It was clean but I did some cleaning anyway. I hooked up two scope probes at both remote's LED ends and upon touching the Volume buttons I got similar wave forms I got from other buttons so at least now I know that the PIC is working. My guess is the remote commands are not reaching the DAC or something. I haven't measured what signals are reaching the DAC yet.

I also have one more problem with the transport. When I close the tray regardless of whether there's a disc in it or not it would start making "rotating noises" but after that it will spit it out. I opened the player and noticed that despite those noises nothing is rotating. When I shake or hit the chassis it will start working properly. Once it's working there are no problems with it.

I would appreciate if you have any ideas concerning those two problems.
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I'm not really familiar with the player, however the first question has to be... did it all work correctly before, and now it suddenly doesn't... or is the player an 'unknown', an acquisition with no history.

Remote faults such as you describe are very uncommon, more often than not there is a logical reason behind its behaviour such as having two sets of outputs, one direct and one not. Or perhaps there is some option to turn off the volume feature. Also, does the 640 have that feature or is the remote 'generic' covering other models that do.

The audible rotating noise has to have a source i.e. something must be making the noise whether mechanical or not. You need to observe and listen closer.
I bought this player new from the store and it has been always in my possession ever since which is like 15 years or more. It even sat at the same spot all that time. It hasn't been used very often though if at all for the last 5 years or so.
Concerning the remote now I remember that at some point I had a CA matching amp and maybe those volume controls were acting on the amp and not the CD player. That will give you an idea how often it was used...
It was used more often only for the last couple of moths or so.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.