Ayon streamer - which OS runs their USB port?

Hi guys,

Do you know which OS and libraries run the Ayon streamers / transports?

I make USB DACs. I have recently been told that there is some issue with how Ayon's USB output port interacts with my DAC prototype.

I'd like to replicate the issue without having to shell out the full cost of an Ayon streamer. So if they use a specific version of, say, Linux and its audio core, perhaps that is something that can be installed on more standard hardware as well. .

I have recently been told that there is some issue with how Ayon's USB output port interacts with my DAC prototype.
If it was an Ayon owner, can they get the manual and or tech support? There always has to be a USB driver. If a linux variant then maybe it uses the built-in driver models? Does you dac operate with any particular built-in linux driver? If not, are you interested to find documentation on linux USB audio card driver configuration (drivers, overlays, etc.)?
My DAC tries to be class compliant. In practice, that means testing it with every OS that tries to be class compliant :)

The owner did try to reach out to Ayon, but he couldn't formulate the question precisely enough. I can, and I mentioned just what you said. But after a week, Ayon has still not got back to me with any information about OS or drivers.
Linux of some type seems likely. What other OS is free and that extensive? Also, if it was something like Windows Embedded, then presumably the owner manual would describe how to install drivers?

Most of the linux guys seem hang out more in the "PC Based" sub-forum. You might try asking there how linux handles a basic class-compliant dac.

Also, presumably you have already tested your dac with some kind of linux? Different sample rates, Alsa, etc.?
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S-10 II – Transport version features a USB out for an external audio DAC.
The specs seem to specify USB A only for external drive:
*2 x USB “A” inputs – for external disk
But more info can be in the locked manual...

That model https://www.hiendnews.gr/wp-content/uploads/ayon-design-new-streamer-Ayon-S-10-II.jpg seems to use Stream 810 https://www.streamunlimited.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Stream810-V3.3.pdf . No idea what linux kernel it uses...
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