Axys Source by Duran Audio

Hello Fellas,

I just want to know if anyone uses or heard this system?
Its first generation of its build and it was made in Netherlands, and I think back in 2013 JBL bought the company or the rights to the system.

Now about the system:
Fully powered with class AB Amps but I'm gonna use a DBX driverack for processing

Source T-86:
2 x TopCab(2 x 10" RCF, 1 x 1" TAD2001 driver)
1" TAD TD-2001 horngeladen, 2x10" Horn
Weight: 56 kg

Source B-89:
4 x Basscab (18" BEYMA GT200)
47 kg

Some guy , not to far away from my home put his system for sale about €1500/$1673.

What I want to do with it:

Mobile DJ, Party's about 300 people in small place ? , Small live bands.


Or maybe build my own system?
(I've build tham 12 , Cubo 15's )