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I've built a pair of plywood cabinet for my goodmans axiom 301 during the easter holidays. They sound good with deep touching bass for a single driver made 30+ years ago. What progress the has audio manufacturers made for these years?
the volume of the cabinet is about 7000 cu in with a 10x10.5 in opening for the ARU. I could not find a pair of aru to fit.
I tried to cover up the opening with a piece of 2 in thick sponge but it degarded the sound quality. Again I tried to reduce the size of the opening and the result is encourag. When I reduced the height by 3in (from 10 in to 7 in), I could hear sound as low as 25 Hz!
Can anyone advise me the right size of the opening without the ARU?
Is there any easy way to make up a pair of ARU by myself?

Surprisingly, the axiom 301 in their home made cabin. they outshot my expensive ensemble reference silver.


Look at this:


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Duo said:
I got an idea here. After thinking of the term resistance, I think this thing might simply be something that has a resistance to the highspeed flow of air.

Is the ARU made simply of a few layers of some material that is semi-transparent to air?

Or is this thing totally different, perhaps, like a modern passive?

Look in the Asylim archives. Thorsten suggested making something similar out of coffer filter papers. Dynaudio make somthing that looks similar.
And when you tire of playing with the cabinets, the 301 will work well in an open baffle too!

I totally agree with the question - 'how much have they improved drivers in the last 40 years'!

I have a pair of the 201's (same driver with lower (20Watt) power handling) which have been recently rebuilt. Before the OB, I had these in cabinets of about 110 litres with a port in the bottom, 100mm long by 70mm diameter.
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Your best bet for an ARU clone, may well be a sizeable thickness of fiberglass batting (3 or 4") squished as much as possible between 2 pieces of rigid "screen" -- perhaps time to make use of those plastic fake wood lattice grills from that late 70s Japanese speaker that is laying around (well at least at my place they are).

Really lets Ella Fitzgerald sing, or the Boston Pops show off their dynamics. Also fabulous with acoustic guitar and rock.

Yes, my experience too! My 201's were rebuilt earlier this year after an 'accident' and I know the guy who rebuilt them smoothed out the mid-range. Now, playing in open-baffles (modified CD723 and VBIGC), the female vocals are so good it can make you cry!

Percussion is the most real I have ever heard it on a hi-fi too.

There is an unconfirmed story that Ted Jordan had at least some input on the design of these drivers. If I was TJ, I would be holding my hand up to this one with pride.

It's been interesting watching these drivers go in and out of fashion over the past few years. I picked mine up (quite locally) for 25UKP a pair. Watching Ebay auctions, at one time a pair would go for up to 300UKP but recently I have seen pairs go for as little as 45UKP!
Nuuk: Yes, that's what I like so much about this speaker, the vocals are simply stunning. Absolutely smooth and effortless, they really fly.

After looking up the unabridged webster dictionary term for Axiom, I understand what the designers were after.

Axiom: 1. A self-evident truth or a proposition whose truth is so evident at first sight that no process of reasoning or demonstration can make it plainer; as, the whole is greater than a part. 2. An established principle in some art or science; a principle recieved without new proof.

If I can just find another Axiom 301 to match this one, I'll probably a set of the nicest speakers I've heard.

Normally I wouldn't listen to mono without getting bored, but this one speaker on its own can keep me interested for days. The sound is so natural and enchanting that it needn't be in stereo to be appreciated to the fullest.
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