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ok I know this is a little off topic but I don't know who else to ask. I am a strange person and I get strange ideas. I want to build a generator/power suply that would be my main source of power and I want to put it on top of a motor home. it needs to power all my stuff lath, polishing machine, and certainly not least sound system. here is my strange idea. some sort of engine probably around 15-20hp attached to 5 car altinators charging 10 car batteries ( I figure 5 altinators should be enough since they don't have to power headlights ect.). I figure with 10 batteries hooked up in series I will have 120 volts dc and I would just need a converter to ac. then attach that to a braker box. so is my thinking fatally flawed?
No problem.

It can be made. But how?
If you had only one altinator with enough prestanda,
it would be best.
To convert from 12VDC to something like 120VAC,
is not as hard as you may think.
Of course the difficulties increase as you convert
more power.
Needs more and more capable components.
Convertion from 120VDC to 120VAC
should be easier. My thought.
Some problems can occur when
using equipment that needs clean
120VAC sinewaves.
That could be the case of unadekvately
designed Audio Devices.

1 hp= 650 watts, if I remember.
Speed, turns per minute and suitable transmission
will be required.

Check in the data of altinator; (manual from manufacturer)
how much max current is it specified for
at 12 volts. Current x 12/24 volt is the power it can deliver.
Better to use 24V, used in tractors and trucks.

Compare that figure to max load you will drive
at the one and same time.
Power consumption is stated on most 120VAC devices.
Add for losses in the process, 25%?????

When we have the facts we need, we can try work something out.

It is kinda like a justice case.
First present all the facts, nothing but the facts.
Then make the judgement,
on basis of limiting circumstances.

:) It can then be used to power your electric shaver,
if you use that method,
to prevent you from scare small children. :eek:

thanks for the replies. that link is great. if anybody is still interested I have some more info. I think the max running draw I would have is 1500 w this seems low but that is what I come up with ( amp X voltage). would the batteries help with the start up draw of motors? both of the bigger motors I have capacitors on them. I was thinking I would have the engine running when some of the larger equipment is running but rely on the batteries most likely at night for listening to music or watching tv lights that kind of thing. is there something I should be taking into consideration. thanks again.
Also, most people will install a dual battery system in the RV so that the second battery can be used with a relatively cheap 12VDC to 120VAC inverter to power the small stuff, including a moderate stereo. No Pass Alephs please :( Both batteries can be charged while driving.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.