Awesome Transparency Film for PCB Fab.

I wanted to share this with the forum.
Through trial and error I have found a most excellent Transparency film for Ink Jet printers.
Apollo Quick Dry Transparency Film for Ink Jet printers. Office Depot #521312.
First I tried Laser Jet prints using my printer at work. I found the final output to be lacking in quality and precision.
I then purchased this product at one of my local Office Depot stores.
Pay attention or pay more, as the On-Line price for 50 sheets is $30. However, they wanted $66 In-Store. They sold it to me for the On-Line price as they could not understand why there was a difference in price.

I have a Canon Ink Jet printer at home. The first two copies came out crisp and clear. Then after 5 minutes bled out very bad as I had accidently printed on the Glossy side.

After testing the print on the textured matte side, I finally got a perfectly crisp circuit transparency. I let these dry overnight even though the package is labeled Quick Dry.
I still printed two copied to overlay for the exposure, they match exactly.

Also my printer did not have a setting for transparency film, so I used the Matte Photo setting to achieve the desired output quality.

If you are looking to fab your own PC Boards for your crossover designs, I highly recommend this product.

Apollo Quick Dry Universal Inkjet Transparency Film Box Of 50 by Office Depot & OfficeMax


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Always interesting to know of these products.

I use Jetstar transparency film with an Epson printer and get first class results. I do alter the printer settings though,

Paper type: EPSON MATTE,

Brightness ZERO (have used -25 and was O.K.
Contrast +25
Hi-speed enabled
Edge smoothing enabled
All other settings disabled