Awesome site!


2008-01-01 4:25 am
Hello everyone!

I am a bass player/EE that is just starting to get deep into
tubes. I have the Kevin O'Connor TUT books and am
preparing to build my first tube amp.

My main focus right now is getting tetrode/pentode models to work in LTSpice so that I can vary the screen voltage to musical
instrument amp levels and see how the Ip/Vp curves look. The
12AX7 triode I did using the Munroe model worked beautifully.

I'm working with Koren, Munroe, and Rydell models. I've gotten
Dmitri's curve painter to work and also Andrei's Curve Captor
to work (wish it did pentodes). I found Teodoro's Excel app
but haven't figured that one out yet.

Tetrodes/pentodes I'm interested in are KT88, 6550, 6L6, EL34,
and 6V6. Also want to do an SV572/160 monster some day.

I presently have designed a PCB for a MOSFET regulated power supply that is "programmable" via stacked zeners to supply Vp,
Vs, Vd, and 2 preamp voltages. I'm getting ready to go thru the
PCB fab process. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Glad I found you guys.