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Awesome Cable -> Silver coated / Sheilded Avionics cabling.


2008-12-08 11:46 pm
I have a bunch of this stuff from when I worked at a Navy base. It was used on avionics interconnects and is some robust stuff!

I have used this on all my audio projects from DACs, to PSUs, to Speakers and Interconnects.

Its all silver coated copper from 18 gauge to 14 gauge. I'll sell it per foot. Shielding is braided steel (I think). I have much less of the big stuff then little gauges

Dual conductor (3 Conductor is 1.5X, 4 conductor variants is x2 per ft)
18 gauge -> .60 per ft
16 gauge -> .80 per ft
14 gauge -> 1.00 per ft.

I have some special 18 gauge single conductor with a textile coating for .60pft

I'll keep selling as long as its posted, I'll mark when I've run out of a specific gauge. I have too much to keep a accurate track of.

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2008-12-08 11:46 pm
Yep they just gave it too me! The avionic lab where they do custom wire setups was going to itch it because its harder (more time consuming) to reuse they said, governement waste!

I would say its stiffer then normal wire because of the braiding and the outer plastic sheath, but I have never had a problem trimming back the sheath to get it to bend where I need it too...