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Avondale NCC200 full kit of parts


2005-06-16 9:56 am
This is everything you need to build a dual mono NCC200 except for enclosure.

I'm having car trouble so need to sell some bits to fund that.

NCC200 boards
Avondale black heatsinks with mounting gear
Hackercap PSU boards (CLCLC)
Pair of unbuilt velleman K4700 speaker protection modules still in boxes
Canterbury windings 500VA dual 30-0-30 with goss band and E-screen
12 kendeil 6800uf caps
qspeed diodes
wet tants for feedback and vbe
inductors for psu
all transistors, resistors, diodes, caps, mounting hardware etc that you need to build it.

Cost of parts was somewhere in the region of £320. Nothing's been soldered, everything as new (except the transformer that was bought from John Luckins off here - he'd used it minimally for testing).

Looking to get back what I paid really, so £320 plus postage for the lot.

Willing to post worldwide, although the transformer is single 240v primary.