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Avondale Audio NCC200 modules (part built) + extras

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Hi all,

I have to offer a pair of Avondale Audio NCC200 modules - part built.
These are highly rated power amplifier modules - similar in design to N**m amps and claimed to be better.
I no longer intend to complete this project as we moved to a smaller house and I don't need such a powerful amp now. So a bargain is up for grabs for one lucky person!

Included in the bundle:
- 2x NCC200 modules approx 70% built (all caps and resistors fitted) and the parts to complete them - including all the transistors - all obtained from good sources such as RS and CPC, and in their original supplied packaging. (see photos)
Holco (non magnetic) used in critical areas. Nichicon Fine gold PSU decoupling caps. Construction neat and to a high standard using quality Multicore 2% LMP silver solder.
- 1x CAP6 Cap bank PCB (unused, no parts fitted/supplied)
- 1x SSM1 Relayed speaker protection module (mostly complete, needs a couple of power resistors and fuse)
- Avondale Audio CD containing full project plans & instructions

This lot cost me a small fortune - the PCB's alone cost me close to GBP100
All I ask is for the cost of the PCB's - all of the fitted and unfitted parts are thrown in for free!
Two NCC200 modules (built) now cost GBP320, so this is an absolute bargain for anyone wanting to build a first rate power amp.
All you really need are the big PSU caps, mains transformers, heatsinks, a case, and time to build/finish it.

I ask just GBP95.00 for the whole lot - a steal!
+Postage/ UK GBP8, Europe GBP15, Elsewhere GBP20 (registered mail with tracking)

Please PM if you'd like this bundle - be quick as I think this will get snapped up pretty fast!



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