Avialability of toroidal transformers in Bangalore

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They have become very expensive in the last year. I've bought quite a few before that & they were quite reasonable.

I got a 4 X 20@6.25 (1KVA) for 3500/- sometime back.

Their stuff is solid, quiet & you cant really go wrong, so go for it, worth the gainclone effort.

The 4780's are usually donated by generous friends. 3886's are available from rsindia. Haven't bought from them but the website will allow to select single units for buying.

Hope that helps.

3886's are easily available on SP road. I've picked couple of them from there and they sound good. I paid around Rs.175 for them.
I dont remember the shop name but its opp to "Universal transformers" on the ground floor!
You could also place an order with "OM Electronics" and he will source them for you in a couple of days.
Hope this info helps.
Hi Manish,

I am also desperately looking for 3886 and/or 4780.

I once purchased LM3886 for Rs. 140 from Ankit. Most of the guys on SP Road just shake their heads. The price is now Rs. 190.

Also for OM electronics, you get some response only from Suraj ( I presume the younger person).

Any idea about LM4780? Also where is the universal transformers you mentioned ..inside some shopping complex?

Yeah at "OM" Suraj is the only knowledgeable person. Universal transformers is at the end of the road on first floor (there is a small shop which sells various types cables on the ground floor).
Their transformers are really top quality but unfortunately they dont make toroids.
4780 is diff to come by in Bangalore, you might wanna try lamington road in Bombay.
The interest in chip amps is appreciated and also that they are easy to assemble, especially the 3886. But they are not better sounding then the amps with discrete components. There are a couple of regional disadvantages in assembling the chipamps. One is the availability at present and in future. Where are u going to buy these chips later when they need replacement. In India, u will be able to source them only if some famous brand product uses them in their audio systems. The other is that they are costly. (Not that a whole discrete amp will be cheap)

The biggest advantage of the discrete amp is the availability of parts. They will be available in future in many shops and in small towns. Besides they are easy to assemble and a whole lot of explanation is available on this forum. (like Symasym) GEM may be too complex for a beginner.

The biggest advantage-- The discrete amps sound better.

Gajanan Phadte
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.