Avatar Photos: How Do I Size Them?


Powder Monkey
Paid Member
2000-10-08 1:19 pm
Hi bob, and anyone else interested in knocking up an avatar.

I plan on writing a tutorial sometime. I guess it could go in the wikki ;)

I highly recommend <a href="http://www.jasc.com">paint shop pro</a>, though it is a big download.

Simple version

1) Use as high res an image as possible
2) Reduce to appropriate size, using smart size
3) Save as gif or jpg, and click "Use optimizer". Play with the settings in order to get the best compression and lowest filesize. If you're using GIF look to use 256 "Median Cut" colors, and don't include windows colors.

Complex version / Gif Transparency

1) Use high res image to start with and set the colors to 16M
2) If you're planning on using transparency then use the magic wand to cut out the background
3) Fill the background with the purple from the forums
4) Use the touchup tool with a fine point smooth to smooth over the edges of the avatar. You want to anti-alias to purple, not to black or white which will look ugly.
5) Use the magic wand on 0 percent tolerance to cut out the purple you filled in, leaving the nicely anti-aliased edges you created
6) Reduce to size, using a suitable resize method (I find smart size works well)
7) Save as GIF, use the optimizer, use a 256 color median cut, and have a play with dithering to get a balance between a good dither and solid colors

I hope this helps ;)