Avantgarde Uno clone.

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Hi all.
Attempting to get a plan together for my first build.
Maybe a little optimistic but will push along hopefully with some help of some of the more experienced people on here.

I have never heard the Unos but I love the look of them and have been impressed enough with other horn systems that I've heard, to want to investigate a little more.

I have been doing as much research as I can, but to be honest it's hurting my head. Construction of the horns will be out of birch ply. The cabinets will be out of mdf. I will be turning the horns and making the boxes myself, I have most of materials already, just need some drivers and a bit of help.

Looking for info with regards to the lower cutoff for the horns, which drivers would be recommended. I was looking to keep the mid horn around 500mm which would limit me to crossing over around the 350hz mark? Trying to find a driver that will allow this but not be stupidly expensive. Was planning to run these up to around the 4000khz mark then crossover to hf horn.

I was looking to keep the front baffle as thin as possible, so had the idea of side firing woofers. Maybe twin 12 inch per cabinet? Would it be possible to match the Uno by using front firing 8 inch woofers and get down to around 40hz. I can make some subs later to fill in the bottom end if need be.

Mini dsp will be employed to get everything up and running, with a passive crossover to be made be local speaker maker after construction and testing is completed.

Please any comments are welcome, positive or negative. Any books that I could read, or websites to look at that would help. I will post photos of my build when it kicks off, looking forward to making some dust.:):)
Avant-Garde uses horn-loaded cone midranges AFAIK. Some crossover points are made by using the acoustic rolloff solely.
The Uno seems to use 10" woofers, that they strangely call subwoofers. On one of the pictures one can see a Beyma driver. But they could be custom-made ones.


My bad. The cone/driver is similar to the BMS.:D


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Once again thanks for all the replies, a lot to get my head around, read, and think about.

I have looked at the bms drivers, they seem like one of the best options. Bit pricey to get a set to Australia.

I have been reading about the JBL cmcd 61-h. It's from the pro series and designed for horn loading using a 4 inch throat. There is a gentleman using this in a 190hz tractrix horn to supposedly good effect. This seems like it would be ideal driver for what I want. Does this seem like an option at all? I would like to use this from 350hz up to around 3500khz. Does this seem plausible?

I have been playing around with the horn calculator on the Volvotreter website, as I want to keep the horn to around 500mm wide, when I plug the numbers in I seem to be limited to 390hz, am I being a bit unrealistic in trying to get the figures I want out of such s small horn? I don't really want to go much bigger as the missus is really struggling with the size already. :). Would eq be an option for getting what I need but not compromising the sound too much.

For the lower frequencies I plan to use 2 X 10inch woofers side mounted to keep the front baffle as small as I can. Would it be realistic to get from 40hz up to the 350hz mark with this combination? Would things sound disjointed at all not having the drivers on the front baffle? I'm trying to get the crossover down as low as I can. I plan to use plate amps for these drivers.

Sorry for all the questions, thanks for the help so far.

Cheers Dave.

A link to the JBL's
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