Av12/Av15 available?

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Geez, two posts that are talking about the wrong drivers.

The IB15's are $100 each in the 4-pack. These are different drivers than the AV15's.

The Ascendant drivers would possibly be a good alternative, but they aren't AE drivers at all.

As for the original question, judging from the minimal traffic on the AE forum, it doesn't look like the AV's are around yet. It's tough to tell since you pretty much have to talk to John directly, but a post from March (I think) indicated no parts yet and 100 folks on the waiting list, so even when they come in you'll be looking at a wait.
Asking after Av15s vs AV15s confuses some people, the Avalanche drivers often get abbreviated to AvXX. Missed the AE refrence somehow. Ascendant also going through transition didnt help.

Best bet for reaching AE to ask after availibility/pricing is calling them, mobile is 920-217-0625, central time to 6pm. AE has finished the transition to making the drivers on its own.

John of AE speakers on budget line plans, copied from Cult of the Infinitly Baffled forum.
I have an 18" "budget class" driver in the works. I will definitely have the 12" and 15" in about 3 months. The 18" could happen if there was enough interest.

Here's a basic rundown of the design between all woofers:
12 spoke cast frame (18" may need 6 spoke style)
Alum cone with 1" roll foam surround
18mm Xmax (25mm suspension travel)(30mm physical clearance - bottomless)
2" diameter copper coil (aluminum form)
dual 70oz magnets
single 8" flat spider with woven in leads
all will be single 4ohm VC to start with

The 12" will have a retail pricing of $119, 15" retail $139. I believe I can end up having an 18" to retail in the range of $199-$209.

Just wanted to throw this all in the pot as it is going to be happening for the 12" and 15" for sure. The 18" could come just as easily if there was interest.



AE Speakers forum link to thread on AV15 status.
Thier site quotes a price of $205 for the AV15, dont know if theres any quantity discounts.
Thanks everyone,
from what i can tell they are not available yet, but i will give john a call and see when he expects them to be ready.
Any thoughts why other manufactures don't run the aluminum look with the inverted dust cap. I just dig the look, it's gotta be a big selling feature you would think. Ofcourse it has to perform but it doesn't hurt that it looks so dam good!!!
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