Automatic start and stop on Dual Turntable (fully auto)

Record Lovers,

I listen to records on a 1970s DUAL turntable that is fully automatic. The player is supposed to automatically place the needle on the record for playback when the start/stop lever is switched in the 'start' direction ... and it is supposed to carry the needle back to the tonearm rest when the record is finished. Sometimes it works, but more often it does this:

When I press 'start', the lever lifts up a half a cm, spins the record, then it quits, sets the needle back down on its' rest and shuts off. I need to manually start it.

At the end of the record, the needle lifts up, makes sound as if it is trying to move back to the tonearm rest, but it doesn't move more than a cm. Then the tonearm is set back down at the end of the record. I need to pick up the tonearm and manually replace it on its' rest.

If anybody knows what adjustments I need to make or what parts may need to be replaced, your help will be very appreciated!
hi m8ty

sounds like the wee arm cue and bearings inside the turntable
may need some thin wd40 oil
it may be under the platter on a dual or inside the turntable
what is the model number?

most of these lever arms need oiled every few years ...some of them have adjuster screws ...its also posible the adjuster screw is loose and has moved

vinyl engine may have a manual for your turntable

best wishes
You probably have problems with the "Steuerpimpel". One of the pictures on this site: shows one.

It is located underneat the tonearm. On the picture you see a black plastic piece, but it could be totally missing (It was missing on mine Dual)

Depending on model there are also a possiblity to adjust the force on the steuerpimpil. (On 1229 there is)

Regards Stigaard