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Aussies: drivers, tone arms, ClassA amp for sale

I'm trying to simplify my life a bit and wish to off load the following items at a reasonable price.

Celestion HF1300 15 ohms MkII (big magnet)
Coles (STC) 4001 3/4 inch super tweeter (Hi imp' version)
KEF T15 (1.5inch) tweeter.
Focal 20mm tweeter. Titanium diaphram with Ti dioxide coating
(It's the series 90 model not the 120.) New in boxes.
There is pretty good data sheets for all these and they are all pairs.
Pair of single sided electrostatic tweeters, German, with a suitable schematic for PSU etc for their use.

JH Formula 4 unipivot.
Keith Monks mecury contact unipivot. Full data for both (plus Hg for the KM)

JLH class A power amp' 30 years old. Goes well but would probably benefit from a new set of electros'. It is the 1969 version with the original MJ481 in the output stage. Extensive data available.

Transport: I live in Brisbane and intend to travel down the East coast to Melb' in early Aug' and back up the Newell H/way a few days later. That means I can drop these off in the major metropolitan centres and some of the inland areas. If you are interested in these items please email me marked Atten: Jonathan