Aussie source of Cerafines?

Hi all,

Yesterday my Marantz CD50SE packed it in; the display blank and a buzz coming from the speakers. I thought it was one of the transformer windings as the tranny was crackling, but it turned out one of the Elna Cerafines in the PSU was butted against a voltage regulator and had swollen...

Do any Aussies know of a local source of Cerafines? I know of WES components, but theirs are limited to 100V and I need 35V 220uF because of limited space. In fact, when Marantz modded the unit, they already had to leave longer leads because the replacements were bigger than stock. There's not a lot of scope for larger cans.

I know of Welbourne and others elsewhere but I was hoping to get this unit sorted by the 25th!

I know I could just use ordinary caps but I guess if Marantz reckon 'audio grade' caps make a difference in this spot I must maintain at least the original quality. I don't want to desolder the board again, as I've had bad experiences desoldering 90's Marantz gear!