aurum cantus AC-250F1

Hey all,

I'm interested to know if anyone has experience with this woofer? I'm planning on building Zaph's XG18/27TDFC MTM in a floorstanding version with a side-firing subwoofer and thought that the Aurum Cantus AC-250F1 might be an interesting driver to use.

I'm looking for suggestions on crossover point (I'll be going active for the sub, and likely passive for the MTM portion), ported or sealed, and enclosure size. Plus any general listening impressions would be nice!



2006-08-27 11:02 am
I started a thread on this driver too. Seems like an excellent driver, though the flange shape is probably why it isn't popular with DIY. It definately seems like a step up from the Dayton RS150 for not much more money.

I' ll be doing a roundup of mids soon for a shootout of sorts. I'll be using the Seas L15, AC 250F1, AC 250MK2, and a Peerless. Might be a month or so since I'm new to speaker building, but I'll be sure to post my results.