Aurum AC130 F1 Q's?


2003-05-07 4:28 am
N. Cal
Hi All,

I'm looking for a nice 5 - 5.5" driver to use in a MTM application, ala Seas Froy. Since I intend to integrate with a sub, I intend to make the box sealed.

Looking over Zaph's website, it appears that the Aurum AC130 F1 might be a good candidate, at ~40% of the cost of the Seas Excel drivers.

However, Aurum's published T-S parameters are wildly different than what Zaph measured, e.g., Qts = 0.3 or 0.7, and Fs = 35 Hz or 52 Hz, for Aurum and Zaph, respectively.

Is this something I should be getting a knot in my underwear over? The EBP figure from Zaph's measurements indicate a sealed box would work OK, but it's a little high for the Aurum measurements.

I'm wondering if Aurum changed the driver design since Zaph last measured the AC130 F1. Anyone know?


There's a fella who posts regularly on the PE discussion board who goes by Jeff B who just did a sealed two way using the AC130F1s. I've gotten to know him a bit and really trust his ears. Anyway, Jeff is really pleased with the AC units and described them as being reference quality. I wouldn't worry too much about the difference between published and measures TS parameters since you'll do your xover based on measurements. You'll be matching them to a sub too so I wouldn't worry too much.