Aura NS6 Drivers and the Speaker Design Works Sten IIs

Hi guys!

Hoping you can help me. I am new to this realm of DIY speakers and was looking to embark on my first project. After millions of hours of reading, I have decided my best action will be to build a DIY speaker that is cheap, tried and tested and has extensive plans attached.

The Sten IIs from the Curts Speaker Design Works web site seems the go.

I want to build to his specs, listen, learn and adjust.

Problem I have is I can't find the Aura NS6 drivers he's suggesting, for sale. They're discontinued it seems on the PE site and the Madisound site.

Can anyone please suggest either a replacement driver of similar spec, or suggest a place I can purchase the Auras?

I am happy to spend up to maybe $35 per driver if necessary. Being my first project I was hoping to get out of it reasonably cheap to save on costly mistakes.

Any help greatly appreciated.