AudioXtreamer: a usb retrofit for the Yamaha 01x digital mixer

Here I am after 1 year, sharing my first audio project: The AudioXtreamer

GitHub - eltortugo/audioxtreamer: ASIO driver, Usb Driver, FX2LP Firmware, VHDL Fpga, Schematics & PCB Layout for the AudioXtreamer, a USB 2.0 32ch Audio/Midi interface for retrofitting into digital mixers/interfaces.
It replaces the obsolete mLan firewire connectivity with a usb 2.0 interface and adds 2x adat ports for future expansion to the i88x.

The project includes:

  • ASIO dll (TortugASIO) in C++
  • AudioXtreamer UI/Driver audio and midi backend in C/C++
  • AudioXtreamerPCB baseboard to connect the Yamaha 01x and the FPGA (eagle sch/pcb)
  • FPGA/VHDL implementation for the ZTEX board.
Any feedback will be appreciated :D
Availability of boards

Just read your post - this looks brilliant! Do you have any boards built and available for sale? I have a o1x and a i88x - does this board leave one firewire port working so I can connect my i88x to the 01x - or do you have a version that works with the i88x as well :)
Unfortunately for some it is a DIY project, so I won't be offering finished packages for now. What I do have is a couple base pcbs I could sell but you will have to get the fpga module from ztex yourself and build the binaries from the sources.

This module removes firewire completely from the equation so the i88x cannot be connected through firewire with the 01x anymore. The only option is to modify the i88x to make it adat capable but atm I have no access to one of them in order to design the loopback plug.
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