Audiotechnology or Morel?


2007-08-31 4:31 pm

Hallo Audist,

from a recent speaker development i have a pair of Audiotechnology drivers which i don't use anymore.

They are in excellent condition and sound (especially due to their underhung motor design) superb. Considerably better than the standard 18H52 with overhung motor.
Their smooth frequency response allows 1st order filtering and crossover up to 5k (i prefere even a bit higher).

Here are their specs:

- 18I52_06_13_SD
- underhung motor
- SD-system
- Rdc: 4,0 Ohm (in box minimum: ca. 5,5 Ohm)
- FS: 37,7 Hz
- VAS: 31,2 L
- Qes: 0,27
- Qms: 2,7
- Qts: 0,25
- Eff. SPL: 89 dB
- X max: +/- 4 mm (if properly used this corresponds to 105 dB max sound pressure = party level)

Box: vented, ca. 10,5 L, vent and drivers volumes excluded
Fb: ca. 55 - 60 Hz
F3: 54 Hz

-> this has a lot of advantages e.g. leads to very fast, clean and musical bass response. much better than if you try to get 30 Hz out of a single 18 cm driver.

Please let me know if this could be interesting for you.