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Audiosector USB DAC

The SPDIF DAC has been around since 2005 and there are few reviews on 6moons, most recent one here: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/audiozone5/system.html

The USB DAC was introduced last year and it's basically same circuit with exception of input interface which converts USB signal directly to I2S.

The Premium kit (with Black Gates) is USD$250, transformer additional $30 and Cardas dual RCA $20.

The DAC is also available as assembled and tested circuit, mounted on wooden board, at $80 more.

See attached pics for details. User comments can be found here: http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=56975.0


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2008-03-24 11:02 am
Hi Peter
My name is Manolis and I am from Greece
I read al ot of your work at the audiophile forums and i would like to try your usb dac ( and mabe later your amps...)
Bytheway if I have understand right the price for the dac (assembled and tested ) is 380 USD?
My email is [email protected]

I will wait your responce as soon as possible you can..

I recieved a USB kit (looked to be in good shape), assembled everything, and used it for a few days. Worked very well, good sound!

Then-- something quit working...
The computer no longer recognizes the DAC.
Re-cked all solder joints, ck'ed continuity to components from DAC input to chip; all good.
Where else to look?
Bad chip?

It's rarely a hardware problem, most likely it's related to software/interface. Some people experienced similar problems in a past, especially after sudden power disruption during a storm, etc.

Switch everything off, wait an hour or so, connect USB cable to a DAC and power on the DAC first. Then power on computer.

If you can't make it work, ship it to me and I will check it out.

For more info on system configuration, I recommend this link: The Art of building Computer Transports
Yes, tried a couple other, different DACs, back to using one of them now.
Tried other USB ports.
Tried a different computer.
Tried power on to DAC first, computer off for an hour, a day, a couple days.

There have been sudden power disruptions from storms.
Maybe need a UPS for this circuit?

I'll ck out the website, & if I still can't figure out anything ship it to you (Peter),
Thanks again,