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AudioPower DPA-400/F-3 Listening impressions, tips & tricks...

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Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum.
I am a member AudioPower-Italy (product specialist) and I would like (if the moderators agree), create this thread dedicated to DPA-400/F-3 being, this module specifically designed for the Diy.

Where you can discuss... changes, tips & tricks , ideas for installation (multi-module),problems and listening impressions from Diy...

Best regards
Stefania Enea
Hi all,
For now, place a simple option to get the LED (On / Off) by LED "Mute / Fault". reversing the polarity (thanks to the OP used as a comp. with dual voltage). in this way we obtain a LED lighting up, after 3 sec from the main switch-on.
This also includes the "Fault / Mute", which will be represented by a flashing LED. to turn main switch-off, it will be immediate off.
Review by a customer (who authorized me via email)
Yes, I am very impressed by the dpa-400/f3 and would like to buy more modules in the future, but not at this exact moment.
Will it still be available for DIY'ers for a while? I see 40 new units arriving by following a thread at DIYaudio. Is this the last batch or will you continue the supply?

What I am most impressed by so far:
  • Bass drive for bass drum and bass guitar, timing and richness - this does not sound like a classd amp. At least not the ones i am able to compare with. Including an amp module of 1000w 4ohms in the same price range. Normally a classd amp sound more anonymous and sterile..... I do like the drive and feel of the dpa-400/f3 a lot.
  • Overall sound signature is warm and pleasant throughout the frequency range. The midrange is very good in my opinion. I did the inital test using full range drivers in array, so can't comment on micro detail in the upper tweeter area and such, but what I could say is that I enjoy listening to music a lot more with these than any other classd amp I have tested so far.
  • Easy implementation, seems very stable with no cracks and pops at turn on and switch off. It just works as it should with no fuzz.
Just to let you know. This is all my experience with the module with limited benchmarks to compare against, but for me these modules just sound right, and that's why I don't feel the need to seek for anything else at the moment :)

Courtesy by Svein R

N.B. We wait photos
thanks from the new team Audio-Power.

Stefania Enea


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this is the current version released after 07/2012.
We replaced the heat sink after a new study of thermal, stressing the amp on reactive load (2.7 R).
The new heat sink has the surface treated with magnesium powder, this treatment creates micro hollow increasing the radiating surface of 25%.
Change only weight from first version.

P.S. Version equal to the customer Mr. Svein R.


Stefania Enea


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Available the OEM version of the DPA-400-xx.(230Vac only)
Can be requested with specific parts to better adapt to the field of use and with output power (at 2R) between 500W and 1020W.
(With less than 0.04% thd).
The maximum extension of the frequency response can be from 10Hz to 50Khz @ 0dB.

Best Regards

Stefania Enea


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