Audiophonics amp modules class A/B


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2004-03-24 1:16 am
There is no source resistors for the output mosfet. I suppose they are very well matched. :rolleyes:
There is no bias current adjustment potentiometer....curious to know how can they control the target bias current from one board to the other....
I do not see mosfet gate protection diodes.
The indicated claimed Power ratio must be based on a very beefy power supply to get 4 times the power into 2 ohms....;)

Still Hard to tell if it is a good choice...:rolleyes:

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2009-11-17 5:36 pm
Near Lincoln
A tried and tested design at least.

I can assemble and solder 100%, and make from scratch.
But don't want to re invent the wheel

So would appreciate any assistance in any direction.

If you don't mind building from scratch I can recommend this amp from Bonsai of this parish. 50 watts in class AAB so needs decent sized heat sinks. Does sound good though.

Hifisonix kx-Amplifier


2009-03-22 9:07 pm
I would hope so :)
So you are okay with the mechanical part, chassis,transformers etc
What is wrong with some of the Apex designs or DIYAudio designs?

Please can you point me in the right direction, not sure even where to start, I see there are lots of different apex designs. To be honest, I haven't the patience or time to experiment, just want a solid tried and tested amazing sounding Amp design 😁,

Really appreciate your help... And guidance

And pleased I haven't been told to use the search function, trust me I have, and now need guidance




2009-03-22 9:07 pm
Hi Fynk, I do not like to recommend something that I have not tried or experienced first hand.
But as far as the DIYAudio Honey Badger design, I am pretty sure that is a solid design, all the mechanical bits are available in the DIYAudio store. Something to consider, if that is your cup of tea? Rick
Thanks, just looking into that design, I started looking at the apex designs, but got so lost and confused in that thread 🙄