AudioEngine D1 to iPhone????


I have just taken delivery of an AudioEngine D1 DAC of a DIYAUDIO forum member - and for its intended purpose it is fantastic!

NOW - i know its not a plug and play to do this - BUT does anyone know of a way i can (not using airplay) connect it to my iPhone - can i use the iPhone camera connection kit to provide USB output and then patch in the USB voltage the DAC need to run its self? i.e. is it just a problem that the iphone does not provide a powered USB connection?

As always any and all help appreciated!


2016-05-12 11:58 pm
I admit that I have not tried this with my D1 yet, but I intend to soon. The new Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter that was recently released now has a pass-through Lightning port that can be used to both charge your phone and provide the power required by the DAC (because, as you alluded to, Apple's firmware limits the power output of the Lightning port so it is unable to power a DAC on its own). Admittedly, the example of this that I have seen was with an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC, but I have my fingers crossed. The guy had the adapter plugged into an external battery, but it could also just be plugged into outlet power.