Audio Tehnica shotgun switching capsules.


2010-11-14 5:58 am
Hi everyone,
I'm new here and need some help.

I got an Audio Technica AT897 and the chip on mic is burn. I took the capsule out and solder it to my rca recorder and amazingly the capsule still work. My question is, can I put the AT897 capsule onto the cheap audio technica atr-6250 body? Will that body be able to power my capsule?

Also, does anyone ever try putting the neumann capsule onto a small generic preamp? They sell those small amplifier for 9$ on ebay. I wonder if you can solder the neumann or anyother expensive capsules on there. If anyone have some info, please let me know. THANKS!

Ebay link to preamp:
Stereo Dynamic microphone Amplifier MIC AMP -New C87 - eBay (item 120644773192 end time Dec-08-10 03:55:03 PST)