Audio Technica AT-LP120XUSB a good entry level turntable?

It looks like a lot of these are being made by the same group of Chinese OEM. Not to say the particular brand doesn't add or refine the features to set them apart or help market the TT.

Some have aluminum, carbon fiber, acrylic parts, etc. I'm thinking 80% to 90% of the sound quality depends on the cartridge/stylus as long as that unit is competently supported by the synergy of the TT system.

More direct drive motor noise might be an issue vs belt driven platters on exceptionally well mastered LPs with subtle low level sound present.

Issues on the AT-LP120XUSB: 1) such as anti skating adjustment didn't work in the previous version. 2) Platter rumble noise: is it fixed yet? (3 Supplied Phono Preamp circuit in deck fully defeable and switched out of the pure signal path of the MM cart to passive RCA outputs for outboard processing. Otherwise I'd have to rewire the phono RIAA output to bypass the active circuit.


2018-04-17 6:50 pm
This video YouTube addresses your concerns re points 1) - ant-skating competely reworked and improved, and 3) - the bypass mode has been improved. In addition, the cartridge is upgradeable simply by substituting a stylus from higher up the cartridge range. As to point 2), the only relevant comment made here is that the "motor offers a smoother playback" compared to the original version.