Audio rightmark analyser

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Hi Guys thanks for reply

Pan said:
Also what kind of circuit do you want to analyze?


the circuits that i make.

peranders said:
You can check the FFT if you also can inject the testsignal coming from the software. You can't do a FFT in general if I'm not mistaken.

No problem here to download the manual.

I have a THD analyser and i want test a FFT from my output of HP334A. Do you know another software?

thank you! Maxpou
ARTA is more powerfull and versatile than RMAA, check it out.. really good.

Do a search on to read about it. Google ARTA and you will find the website.

It's hard to give you more advice if I don't know what kind of circuit (high/low level) you want to test and what you want to test. That said ARTA is way more flexible than RMAA.

Yes maxpou,

with ARTA you can either use the built in tone generator or you can switch it off and use whatever signal you like from the outside world.

ARTA is much more than just a FFT analyser though.

Actually I think you can use RMAA for external analysis as well. You can burn signals on a CD to test the CD or pre/power amp. Or you can loop a signal out via the soundcard of your computer ( the latter obviously not possible with CD player though).

Both of these softwares are free, just download them and play around and get back with questions if you get stuck. The ARTA manual is very very good though I should add.

Hi Guys,
i want test my new preamp proto, but i have 17 Vdc between my computer gnd and my supply gnd. I don't want burn my sound card or my PS. Some body can help me please?

@ Pan,
how can i check the fft with the external signal generator?

thank you! Maxpou
OK, which software are you going to use?

Laptop or stationary PC?

Soundcard inputs XLR or RCA?

Preamp not grounded in the wall??

Preamp XLR or RCA outputs?

As long as you connect the ground first between the equipment you shouldn't need to worry but please tell some more about your set up first.

Thank you for reply Pan,
i use ARTA software on my stationary PC.

I have sound blaster live 24 for the moment my input/output is RCA, i will replaced it later.

My preamp is grounded in the wall i use 2 alimentation block for my PS, but I have the same problem without the earth GND on my PS.

THank you Maxpou
Hi Guys,
i would like to know if i'm correct with the FFT mesurement of my preamp. I take my cd player with test cd for generate a sine wave at 1Khz at 0 dB. Somebody can explain to me my FFT mesurement because I do not know how to interpret it? Thank you! Maxpou


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The FFT measurment is a calculation of all information in a signal. In your graph you see the 1k spike but you also see harmonic distortion at multiples of 1k.. such as 2k, 3k, 4k and so on.

The spikes that you se below the 1k is mains interference from powersupplies.

The "gras" at the bottom is the system noisefloor.

The distortion and noise of the CD player, preamp and soundcard input are all in that measurement. If you measure the signal from the CD directly without passing the preamp you can get a better view of how much the preamp contributes.

It's possible that your CD and soundcard have so much noise and distortion that there wont be a difference when you exclude the pre from the loop.. try it!

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